Accessing Reports

I am a Program Administrator and a SIMPL Collaborative Member. How do I access my program’s SIMPL Report website?

Program Administrators and SIMPL Collaborative Members may be granted access to their program’s SIMPL Report website by sending the request to After that, you will receive an email from ‘’. Follow the instructions on this email to create a ‘shinyapps’ account. After this, proceed to and log in. Don’t forget to save your SIMPL Reports Dashboard username and password- it may be different from your SIMPL Admin Site username and password.

The SIMPL Reports Dashboard webpage is blocked or unaccessible.

Contact your institution’s tech support/web security team and ask that they “whitelist” or unblock

Can trainees get access to the SIMPL Reports Dashboard?

Dashboard access is determined at each program. Trainees can have access to the SIMPL Reports Dashboard, but it would also give them access to all other program trainee data. If you would like to share data with trainees, we recommend downloading or printing each trainee their own data.

What If I forgot my password for the SIMPL Reports Dashboard?

The SIMPL Reports Dashboard is hosted by ‘’, and usernames and passwords are managed through their site. if you forgot your password, click “forgot password” button on the login popup window and enter the email you use for the SIMPL Admin site to reset your password.


On my SIMPL Reports page I see that some of my trainees are not listed with the correct PGY. How do I fix this?

All data that appears in SIMPL Reports displays as it displays in the SIMPL OR system. To update a trainee’s PGY in SIMPL Reports please update the trainee’s PGY in the SIMPL OR Admin site at

How often does the data refresh?

SIMPL data on the Reports Dashboard updates at most within four hours.

What is the Predicted Readiness Score?

Read more about the Predicted Readiness Score here.

The Predicted Readiness Score model will be rolled out slowly to more specialties as they accumulate enough data to make reliable, evidence-based estimates of their practice readiness.

How do I access all of my data?

The data on the SIMPL Reports Dashboard are curated for the specific visualizations and tables, and if you would like access to all of your program’s raw data, email SIMPL Director of Operations, Greg Wnuk at


If you would like to use SIMPL Data from multiple sites for research, we have a short research Letter of Intent that gets reviewed by the SIMPL Research Standing Committee. Email Greg Wnuk at for the LOI template.

Getting Involved

The Society for Improving Medical Professional Learning (SIMPL) is lead completely by volunteers who are passionate about improving medical education. If you would like to learn more about the many leadership opportunities available to trainees, faculty, program coordinators, and others, please email SIMPL Director of Operations, Greg Wnuk at