SIMPL Leadership

Steering Committee

The Society for Improving Medical Professional Learning (SIMPL) Steering Committee is responsible for discussing, approving, and carrying out SIMPL’s strategic initiatives, including the management and development of SIMPL OR, SIMPL 2.0, and any future toolkits. The committee will thoughtfully guide the collaborative to fulfill its mission in a way that considers the many viewpoints of our stakeholders.


  • Jay Zwischenberger MD, Cardiothoracic and General Surgery, University of Kentucky. Steering Committee Chair
  • Jordan Bohnen MD MBA, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • Brian George, MD MAEd, Acute Care Surgery, University of Michigan
  • Holly Caretta-Weyer, MD MHPE, Emergency Medicine, Stanford University
  • Stephanie Sebok-Seyer, PhD, Emergency Medicine, Stanford University
  • Jim Korndorffer, MD MHPE FACS, General Surgery, Stanford University
  • Sarah Jung, PhD, Surgery, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Andreas Meier MD MEd Dr med, Pediatric and General Surgery, State University of New York Upstate
  • Ben Zendejas-Mummert, MD Pediatric Surgery, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Shari Meyerson MD MEd, Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Kentucky
  • George Sarosi, MD, General Surgery, University of Florida
  • Charles Paget III, MD, General Surgery, Carilion Clinic

The Society for Improving Medical Professional Learning (SIMPL) is a 501c3 nonprofit research collaborative lead by volunteers who are dedicated to working towards a continuously improving medical education system.