Supporting Big Ideas in Medical Education

Variability In Trainee Autonomy and Learning in Surgery (VITALS)

VITALS is a multi-site study aiming to create high-fidelity learning curves by collecting and harmonizing SIMPL data, ACGME case log data, and EMR data. The study began in 2018, and will wrap up data collection in June, 2022. Email study coordinator Greg Wnuk at for more information.

System for Improving Medical Procedural Learning in Urology Residencies (SIMPLUR)

The SIMPL in Urology Residency study, being led by University of Michigan Urology’s Kate Kraft now has 19 sites participating in this study that aims to gain insight on the preparedness of Urology trainees for independent practice. SIMPLUR continues to welcome new programs that want to contribute to this groundbreaking study- email

The 2022 SIMPL Feedback Improvement Pilot

The SIMPL Feedback Pilot is a nationwide effort to ensure the readiness of the next generation of surgeons. Using a collaborative quality improvement (CQI) approach, this pilot builds on the substantial work of SIMPL who represent thousands of trainees across multiple surgical specialties. Through the Pilot, members of SIMPL are using the robust infrastructure of SIMPL to ensure that every surgeon is practice-ready upon graduation.

SIMPL In Neurosurgery

The SIMPL Neurosurgery Trial continues to collect data and onboard more programs. This important study will look at generalizability, validity, and feasibility of using SIMPL in Neurosurgery training as well as begin to establish learning trajectories for key neurosurgery procedures. Email for more information.

The Society for Improving Medical Professional Learning (SIMPL) is a 501c3 nonprofit research collaborative lead by volunteers who are dedicated to working towards a continuously improving medical education system.