Member Research: Driving improvement
in the medical
education field

Research by SIMPL Members

SIMPL members have produced over 50 peer-reviewed publications- see them here.

Research In-Progress

Find out where you can contribute your passion for research by viewing in-progress research topics.

Research Resources

SIMPL works to support member researchers from all specialties and areas of interest.

Research – The Foundation of SIMPL

Research has been instilled into the Society for Improving Medical Professional Learning since our founding. The SIMPL app was built as a realization of the best practices in evidence-based education research. As the collaborative has grown, SIMPL Members have published scores of peer-reviewed studies that have informed changes to how we facilitate trainee feedback. Research is also driving us to the future, where we can begin to predict a trainee’s performance, analyze dictated feedback for quality, and put data in the hands of program leaders so they can train the next generation of providers even more effectively.

SIMPL data is available to all members of the collaborative to use for peer-reviewed research. Check out our
research resources for more information.

SIMPL will pay a maximum of 30% indirect rates on any grants, subawards, or contracts.

The Society for Improving Medical Professional Learning (SIMPL) is a 501c3 nonprofit research collaborative lead by volunteers who are dedicated to working towards a continuously improving medical education system.